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Are you 14 - 18 years old? Are you smart and ambitious? Are you looking to stretch yourself beyond the school syllabus? If you are then this course is for you!

We cover the basics of Data Science in this first of its kind course. We will teach you some of the tools, techniques and platforms that you will learn at University while studying to become a Data Scientist. If you want to get ahead of the pack then sign up now for our fun-filled 14 week Data Science for High School course!

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Data Science for High School

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    4 Months

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    11 Feb 2019

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What will you learn?

In this 3-month course we will cover the foundations of Data Science. You will learn all you need to know so that when you start University you are ahead of your classmates. We cover the basics of statistics, coding in Python, working with data and visualising complex data sets ... and then take a tour of a few machine learning algorithms to get you familiar with the Data Scientist’s toolkit.

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Take our cutting edge online course - Data Science for High School - and build the skills you need to take your education and career to the next level. Our world class course will teach you the latest tools, algorithms and techniques that you need to start your journey as a Data Scientist.

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